DeFi七点钟社区|打造加密资产流动性元协议暗池Black Ocean的DeFi之道

DeFi七点钟社区 2021-05-08 14:41

5月7日晚七点,DeFi七点钟社区迎来第84期嘉宾Andrei Grachev,VRM CEO,分享主题:打造加密资产流动性元协议暗池Black Ocean的DeFi之道







Q1:BlackOcean is one of the hot stars in the crypto dark pool field, but dark pools are a little strange to ordinary investors. What are the application scenarios of dark pools in crypto asset trading?


Dark pool is not somewhat new or revolutionary. It is a trading venue without public order book. The main goal is to hide very big transaction from the market and do not influence on the price of an asset. The demand for dark pool services is quite new in crypto as whales started being active only at the end of the last year.


 In fact, dark pool is a clear indicator of the matured market. As long as the market is not interesting for big players it stays on the very unprofessional level. Whales bring to the market volume, stability, new tools, new customers, new services. Thus, the whole market enters into the totally new life. Dark pool as a service was not on big demand till the end of the last year. 


All changed now and we see how big corporations, banks, funds are trying to catch the crypto wave. Black Ocean is a proper dark pool platform different from all other existing venues. We developed it having a very deep understanding of the needs of whales from traditional finance market and it is supposed to be unique platform for now.

现在一切都变了,我们看到大公司、银行、基金都在努力赶上加密浪潮。Black Ocean是一个合适的暗池平台,不同于所有其他现有场所。我们对传统金融市场鲸鱼用户的需求有非常深刻的理解,目前它应该是一个独特的平台。

Q2:BlackOcean recently released the DeFi product roadmap. Please introduce it to our community members


DeFi is primarily focused on retail and individual investors. This is the main difference. This add-on will bring the liquidity of many individual investors onto a new level allowing them to execute more profitable transactions for whales. 

DeFi 主要面向散户和个人投资者。这是主要的区别。这一附加功能将把许多个人投资者的流动性提高到一个新的水平,允许他们为鲸鱼用户执行更有利可图的交易。

Let me give you example. Imagine that some bank, fund or corporation aim to buy 1000 BTC. They are ready to pay bigger transaction fee for this, especially if the price is stable. But there are just a few holders with such a big amount of BTC on account and the transaction like this are very rare. Black Ocean will give you an opportunity to pool thousands small funds into one and execute the transaction without market touch. The commission will be split among the pool holders.

让我给你们举个例子。假设某银行、基金或公司打算购买1000比特币。他们愿意为此支付更大的交易费用,尤其是在价格稳定的情况下。但是账户上有这么多比特币的持有者并不多,这样的交易非常罕见。Black Ocean将为您提供一个机会,将成千上万的小资金汇集到一起,在不接触市场的情况下执行交易。手续费将由池子所有人平分。

Q3:What are the similarities and differences between the DeFi version of BlackOcean and Ren?


Our DeFi functionality is designed to serveFly token holders properly and to get them opportunities to make money with hottest activities on the market:


1. Launchpad - we are aiming to provide tokenholder with private allocations from mainstream projects


2. Decentralized dark pool - whales are able to manage bi transactions, ordinary people can provide them with loans and liqudiity, and make APY from it


3. NFT market - like an auction for for Fly token holders, they can buy expencive masterpieces and then sell it to whales


4. Of course staking and liquidity mining for Fly token, current APY is 350% for liquidity mining and ±40% for staking

当然,对于Fly token,目前的APY是350%用于流动性挖掘,±40%用于单币挖矿

Q4:Which public chain will BlackOcean's DeFi product be developed on? Why?


Black Ocean was developen on Ethereum, because this is a most powerfull chain + when your token is ERC20, it's much more easier for exchanges to list you. But we are going to open a swap solution, which will support token swap to BSC, Tron and Solana. 

Black Ocean是在以太坊上开发的,因为当你的代币是ERC20时,这是一个最强大的链+,交易所更容易上币。但我们将开放一个跨链解决方案,支持BSC、Tron和Solana的代币互换。

BSC will be availible next week Considering DeFI functionality, Balck Ocean will be moved to Polkadot following few months

BSC将于下周推出考虑到DeFI的功能,black Ocean将在几个月后搬到波卡链上

Q5:BlackOcean's token FLy has opened two rounds of liquidity mining in Uniswap. When will it be available for BlackOcean's own DeFi product Farming?


It is availible for now =) 

If you provide Uniswap FLy-ETH or FLy-USDT with liquidity, you can farm additional FLy tokens here


如果您为Uniswap FLy- eth或FLy- usdt提供流动性,您可以在farming.tokenfly.co中挖更多的FLy代币

But if you only want to stake FLy to earn fly - you can join


Q6:After the first round of unlocking on April 30, FLy's tokens bucked the trend and hit a new high. Is this magic operation the result of VRM's market making or the natural game of the market?


This is a nutural game of the market. Just for your information - VRM doesn't boost or dumps a price, we just provide the market with liquidity and stay with market neutral position. Btw, there are not ony VRM, there are also 2 MMs , because of this fact it's a really really proper, natural traders driven market


Q7:Since BlackOcean is aimed at institutions and professional traders, the Chinese community has positioned FLy as the institutional version of BNB. Do you agree?


BNB coin is the closest token to compare FLy with. However there are big differences too. FLy is used to support trading eco-system so this means that all benefits are not limited with one exchange. We are aiming to serve a lot of exhanges and c2 trading venues + of course, institutional. It's going to be like a token for the market. 


Well, answering to your question, yes, it's like an institutional version of BNB with DeFi functions



Q8:Market sentiment has always hovered between FOMO and FUD. Because of the sideways market in the past two days, our community members are looking forward to new positive news. May I ask what plans will enpower FLy in the near future?


Yeahhhh)) there a lot - next week open BSC swap and pair on Pancake swap, then we will launch our own Launchpad and DeFi dark pool


 Please remember - everyweek Fly is going to be listed at least on one new exchange =)



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